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Friday, May 31, 2013

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Computer Science 19


As we near the end of the twentieth century we can see the ever-growing need for computer technology. Over the centuries man has always wanted to compute, and process information as quickly as possible. He has also wanted to communicate with his fellow human beings who are widely distributed over this vast world. No one thirty years ago would ever dream of computers being used as they are in the information superhighway, rather than for scientific computing. The sudden boom in the use of computers today, is evident by the visible 70% increase in the number of hosts on the Internet yearly. Man has needed computers not only to control the forces of nature, but also those of distance, and time.
Ever since I was a child I have been interested in mathematics, and have always stood first in my class in it. When my teenage years came along, I decided that I would pursue a career in mathematics and science. It was with this hope that I studied very diligently for the entrance exam. My hard work paid off, and I joined **** for a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and Engg. During my stay at ****, I was introduced to computers in my very first month. It was an extremely exciting experience because it was the first time I had used a computer, since the use of computers in our country, is only restricted for those who are financially well off.
My Work:
At ****, I was introduced to various new concepts in computer science. The very first courses of Discrete Structures, and Data structures, aroused my interest immediately. I started also getting interested in Databases, Computer Architecture, and Compilers. I did my Bachelor’s seminar project “Building Applications using the Object Oriented Paradigm” under the guidance of Prof. yyy. It mainly consisted of studying the Object-Oriented Paradigm, and Object-Oriented Databases. I studied how to build Object-Oriented Applications above relational databases, which came in use during my short job with Burroughs Welcome, pharmaceuticals, in building engineering inventory system for them. I also studied how objects are stored, and indexed in Object-Oriented Databases.
My Bachelor of Tech. project consists of parallelizing sequential code and running independent sections of code in parallel. For doing this I have been studying data dependence issues. During the course of my work I got particularly interested in Exact Array Dependence. I have read a lot of papers related to the field. Prof. yyy is my guide on this project.
My Purpose
My vocation has always been to work towards new frontiers of technology, and always work with the purpose of getting the best result. Over the last few years during my stay at ****, I have become motivated towards pursuing a career in research. Research has interested me, because one is always working on something new, that no one else has worked on, and one can always pursue one’s own interest to the fullest. Research provides one with new challenges daily, which one won’t come across in other jobs. I strongly believe in both the theoretical aspects of research as well as their applications. I consider the latter to be as important and relevant as the former. I am extremely interested in pursuing a MS/PHD at your university. I am primarily interested in Databases, Parallel systems and graphics.
In fact, ten years from now, I envisage myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization or a faculty member at one of the leading universities. In order to fulfill this aim of mine, I seek to enroll for a MS/PHD in computer science at your University. Through the department brochure I realize that a vast gamut of opportunities exist in your department. Hence I am keen in joining your program, and furthering your research.
My Good and Bad Points:
I strongly believe in maintaining ethical integrity in all my endeavors. The maintenance of strong Christian values is of utmost importance in my work. I am also a very friendly person to work with. My bad qualities include having a bad memory and being absent minded. I would like to end by saying that that I am fully aware that a career in research and academics requires a high level of intelligence, unwavering dedication and a lot of sacrifice. I am confident that I would meet all the above demands, and hence I appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider me for admission, and financial aid

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