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Friday, May 31, 2013

Computer Science - sample sop

Statement of purpose Computer Science

How it all began…
My initiation into computers transpired more than a decade ago. My father who doubled up as a and a provider of software packages for hospitals & inventory dealers brought home a 686 machine. This sparked off a long and eventful association with the computer. Although games and the air conditioning occupied me initially Curiosity got the better of me and i began observing my dad and his fellow programmers rattle away esoteric commands that flickered through the pale green screen. He gave me my first lessons on operating systems, BASIC & packages like DBASE & FOXPRO.
Educational Background
This early exposure proved useful for computer classes in school, putting me right ahead of the competition. I followed up my years with a sterling performance in the common entrance examinations to secure admission at the Shanmugha college of Engineering, an institution of great repute in Southern India. Information Technology as branch of study was a natural choice, dictated by my ever growing fascination with computers. The State of the art computer & Microprocessor laboratories provided just the right environment for serious study. Subjects like Data structures, Computer organization, Design of algorithms& Object oriented programming equipped me with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals. By Andrew tannenbaum was a source of great inspiration. I took keen interest in learning all about network .architectures & technologies like Fast Ethernet, Banyan vines, FDDI, protocols like CP/IP, SNA, NetBEUI, also Routing & congestion control algorithms. I presented technical seminars on E-commerce& fiber optic networks. As project work in my final year, I developed a tender processing solution for the corporate intranet of GE Power Controls Pvt ltd.
Extra curricular Activities:
Exacting schedules at college never dampened my enthusiasm for Sports & cultural activities. I was a member of the college soccerTeam. I took part regularly in the annual Athenaeum (a forum for public speaking) and in inter collegiate cultural festivities in events like Tableau. I have volunteered my services as Master of ceremonies & Lead Compere for many an occasion. I had the opportunity. To display my skills in organizing & managing while holding office as the secretary of the information technology students Association.

Professional Goals & fields of interest
My project days at GE, where even 5 minutes of downtime could cause great chaos & confusion enabled me to experience first hand the enormous significance large corporates attach to streamlined & effective connectivity. I intend to develop expertise in wire free networking & cutting edge standards like Bluetooth & CDMA & thereby be an active participant of the ongoing networking & communications revolution. A 2 day workshop by, which I attended, showcasing the latest in wireless technologies & standards was an added motivation. To pursue my goal of being a top class networking professional. I have been awarded the Cisco certified Network Administrator(CCNA) & the Microsoft certified Professional(MCP) certifications, which I believe will assist me in taking up more serious work in the Networking arena.
Purpose of Graduate study
An undergraduate degree; however course intensive it maybe provides only a foundation for those striving for comprehensive knowledge in their chosen fields of study. A masters degree, I believe would be invaluable towards this end helping to translate the latent potential in me to highly productive & original work.
Why the United States of America?Universities in the United States of America have been consistently rated among the premier centers of higher education in the planet, offering infrastructure par excellence for all manner of academic & extracurricular activity.
I am fully aware that hard work & perseverance are imperative for quality Research work & believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability& preparation to set out on this exhilarating & arduous path. I am sure my aptitude & drive will see me through the challenge. I hope to have a long & mutually profitable association with as I look forward to joining it as a graduate student in your esteemed department.
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself

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