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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bioinformatics- sample statement o purpose

Statement of Purpose Bioinformatics

"I am currently employed in a job with tremendous opportunities and advancements. Being in a well-paid job at Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd., in Bangalore, I have been recognized and lauded for my biochemistry knowledge. Moreover, I enjoy intellectual interactions with my Ph.D. colleagues, have many friends, and am trained to think and solve problems( the organization of this sentence is not good.) Consistently my peers place me in leadership position, and I have a reputation for doing work well beyond what is expected. Still, I feel a vacuum in my life. While my friends and colleagues do not understand my decision to leave my rewarding career, I know that I have no choice if I am to pursue my long-term goal and my childhood dream: to teach and publish research. To my knowledge ( need a punctuation)I have made the correct decision, instead my friends think I am sacrificing certain career advancement for unnecessary training. What they do not understand is that I will derive even greater satisfaction by pursuing a doctoral degree than by earning a higher salary and advancing in my present career. By pursuing a graduate degree, I will have the priceless opportunity to realize my dream.

Learning gives me a sense of accomplishment and a world of satisfaction. The more I learn, the more fulfilled I feel. I do not learn solely to apply my knowledge in a practical setting; instead, it is the quest for knowledge and the challenge of learning that motivates me. Originally, I took my current job since I saw it as an invaluable opportunity to further my learning experience. Over the past two years, I have accumulated a good knowledge of Drug Discovery, Chemo informatics and Bioinformatics. Also I was experienced in annotation of research articles and patents of cellular targets like Ion channels, GPCR, Nuclear receptors, Cellular enzymes like (Kinase, Protease, Phosphodesterase, Viral Enzymes), etc.

Perhaps most importantly, my current job have less contribution in line with my long-term career objective of teaching, conducting research, and producing research publications that would add value and contribute to my field of specialization. I am driven more by my dreams rather than money and the prestige of an excellent career. I also hope to contribute to society; as a professor by disseminating my knowledge. An inspired teacher can bring out talents, encourage innovation and nurture a new generation of scientists and philosophers. I always want to inspire others in the teaching process in addition to conveying knowledge of the curriculum.

A research career in neurobiology is my thirst. In my opinion there is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain. Many neuroscientists have learnt plenty about functioning of brain, but they admit there is many aspects remain one among humanity’s most enduring mysteries. I have clearly envisaged my path in Neurobiological research and highly convinced that, stakes in this new and fast growing field is extensive. I would like to make my contribution to unravel the mysteries in Neurobiology

Excited by the idea of becoming a scientist since I was a child, my interests in pursuing graduate studies intensified during my undergraduate education and my basic research. Having a thirst for Biology, I pursued my graduation in Biochemistry in prestigious Vysya College, although I opted for computer science in twelfth grade. With chemistry background I excelled in my under graduate studies. The core subject became very interesting in the hands of experienced faculties. It even allowed me to take Biochemistry tuition for twelfth grade students in my third year stint. That tutoring experience secured me 1st grade in Human Physiology and Cell Biology.

Being a day scholar I worked as a part time trainee in renowned clinical laboratory with out stipend. There I learnt molecular techniques and research approach towards Molecular biology. I have undergone a laboratory course exclusively for electrophoresis techniques at THE ELECTROPHORESIS INSTITUTE. My quest for advancements in Biological sciences lured me once again towards clinical laboratory work that I undertook in Gopi Hospitals. One person’s life influences the lives of an unbelievable number of people goes the saying, one of the most important lessons I learned, being the representative at Bachelor degree level (Under graduation). This experience inculcated and educated me to be a responsible person and eventually boosted my confidence. It also taught me that the basis for good work is self-reliance and very importantly, time management. Not all of my entire three years were devoid of shortcomings. I learned to accept both criticisms and praise with a positive frame of mind. My work involved organizing various events, which gave me the opportunity to work and interact with various kinds of people. This was a distinctively gratifying experience for me, which I feel would stand in good stead in the future, especially in lieu of my teaching experience.

I pursued my post graduation in Biochemistry for attaining the basic eligibility to do research. The core subject inspired me a lot to take basics of Biochemistry to UG students. I involved myself in many self-help initiatives such as paper and poster presentations in various state level seminars. As a partial fulfillment of my post graduation I worked in Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI-ADYAR) in the Department of Bioproducts. There I worked on protein purification and its characterization that provided me a clear perspective of research and aided me to learn other molecular techniques.

As a prerequisite for registering a PhD in Neurobiology, I have undergone an intense training in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences by attending course in Laboratory Animal Management. This stint gave me a practical exposure to isolate brain and its major parts. Drug administration and sample collections techniques with Laboratory animals are vital part of this course.

Thus my journey from undergraduate to current job is highly planned one. Thus I believe that my serious intention for study, my work experience in Laboratories and academic background in various areas of Biochemistry, will be more beneficial for my research work in your esteemed laboratory."

I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions to correct my english.
Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours sincerely


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