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Friday, May 31, 2013

Computer Science - sample statement o purpose


I am a senior year student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the ****, one of the most renowned institutes for undergraduate studies in India. My decision to pursue graduate studies has been motivated by my eventual objective of meaningful research in the field of {bf Computer Networks} and {bf Communications}. I firmly believe that I possess the requisite background and aptitude for pursuing active research in this field at your University.
A strong desire to ingrain the fundamental principles of any subject of study has enabled me to adopt a rigorous and analytical approach to problem solving. More importantly, it has inculcated in me the methodology of scientific inquiry. Throughout schooling I maintained the first position in my class. In consonance with my interests, I worked towards obtaining admission to the *** and secured a rank of 92 among 85,000 candidates who appeared in the entrance examination. Computer Science and Engineering was a natural choice for my undergraduate studies in light of my fascination for computers.
My interest in research has burgeoned during the course of my undergraduate studies at ****. My major field of interest is computer networks and telecommunications. At present I am working on my senior year B. Tech. Project on Fast Packet Switching in ATM Networks under the guidance of Dr. yyy. It involves the design of a non-blocking Disjoint Path Packet Switch and the analysis of its performance in terms of the throughput; delay; packet loss rate, hardware complexity and the ease of grow ability. The proposed switch combines the delay throughput performance of $N^{2}$ disjoint path switches and the multicasting performance of Shared Medium switches in a single architecture. The attempt is to reduce the hardware cost of implementing the switch without compromising on any of the performance characteristics of an ideal packet switch. To consolidate my knowledge in this field I had also taken an elective course titled Introduction to Computer Networks last semester in which I got the highest grade in the class.
Apart from delving deep into the field of Computer Networks, I have tried to broaden my perspectives in other fields of Computer Science as well. In my junior year I presented a Seminar on Anti-aliasing in Computer Graphics under the guidance of Dr. yyy. The seminar involved an exhaustive study of the various anti-aliasing techniques used to overcome the jagged effects arising due to the discrete sampling in a raster graphics system. I also implemented an anti-aliasing software package as part of a project in an elective course on Computer Graphics.
I also have the ability to work in a group project effectively. I had done my industrial training in the Regional Computer Center at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited and during the course of the summer project I developed a data compression package. The practical experience I gained after working in such a big organization has given me immense confidence in tackling time-bound practical problems.
My undergraduate studies in the invigorating environment of *** has given me substantial knowledge of the basic areas of Computer Science. I believe that I also possess the ability and temperament to function effectively as a Teaching Assistant. I was an assistant for a course on Computer Programming for freshmen and I have helped in organizing two workshops on UNIX and C conducted by our department.
Having been part of an exacting undergraduate program a ***, I have internalized the desire to explore frontline knowledge in my research area. I believe that the Graduate Program at your University will provide me the opportunity to satisfy the same and enable further honing of my technical and analytical skills acquired thus far. I am fully aware of the commitment and perseverance required for research and believes that my aptitude and motivation will see me through the challenge. I am also confident that given an opportunity, I can contribute to the ongoing work in your graduate program in a productive manner. I therefore look forward to joining your University for pursuing higher studies leading to a Master’s/Doctoral degree.

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