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Friday, May 31, 2013

Computer Science sample sop 26


I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering at ****. I wish to pursue a career in research in Computer Science. I would like to embark upon this venture through the Doctoral Program offered by the Department of Computer Science at Rice University.
My deep interest in Computer Science stems from a natural aptitude for logic and mathematics, the “queen of sciences”. I consider Computer Science not just as a field to pursue a research career in, but as a hobby. Throughout my undergraduate study, I have endeavored to gain a broad perspective of Computer Science. My fields of interest range over a wide spectrum of areas; however Programming Languages, Real-Time Systems and Parallel Processing especially fascinate me.
My training at ***** has not only equipped me with a strong technical base but has also instilled in me a deep interest in research. During the course of my B.Tech. Curriculum, I have presented a seminar titled {bf “Selected Topics in Advanced Architectures”} under the guidance of Prof. yyy. During the summer of 1994, I had the rare opportunity of working at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (B.A.R.C.), a forerunner of Parallel Processing in India. The training at B.A.R.C. has demonstrated to me how emerging technology when combined with ingenuity can be employed to solve apparently diverse problems in Physics and Medicine. I am currently working on my B.Tech. Project titled {State chart Simulation Using Binary Decision Diagrams} under the guidance of Dr. yyy. Despite the intense competition at ****, I have been consistent in my performance; with a Cumulative Points Index of (bf 8.83} I stand $9$ in a class of 33 students.
Study in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at **** has demanded long hours of continuous work, self-motivated efforts and a considerable amount of group activity. It has given me several opportunities to participate in various departmental activities, albeit in a small way. Learning by myself and sharing my knowledge with others has always been of prime importance to me. I have limited Teaching experience from tutoring an elementary course on FORTRAN-77 for students of first year B.Tech. Program. I enjoyed the experience and would like to teach in future too.
I look upon graduate study as an avenue to refine my skills and give a direction to my research career. It would be my first chance to make fundamental contribution to the field in which I undertake research. The excellent research facilities at Rice University and the distinguished faculty are a great source of inspiration to me. The emphasis on multidisciplinary seminars and research projects would definitely encourage me to explore other related areas within the realms of Computer Science.
I hope I fit in with your expectations of a promising graduate student. Admission to the Department of Computer Science at Rice University could well be that golden foundation upon which the entire edifice of my scientific career rests.

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