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Friday, August 7, 2009

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Computer Science sample

I, am a senior student of the Bachelor of Technology program in Computer Science and Engineering at the ****. I am applying for graduate studies in Computer Science leading to a Ph.D. I see this as a first step towards achieving my career objective of research in an academic environment.
Academic Background
I have excelled in academics right from my school days. In school, I consistently used to secure one of the top positions in the class. In my twelth standard examinations, I was placed in the merit position at an All India level. I have always been attracted towards subjects that draw upon one’s analytical abilities. Thus, Mathematics and Physics were my favorite subjects. I was placed among the top 1% of the candidates who appeared for the National Search Examination in Physics all over India. Later, I secured the 97th position among the 80,000 candidates who appeared throughout India for the Joint Entrance Examination. This examination is conducted by the *** the premier engineering institutions of India, for selecting the best of Indian talent.
Computer Science Background
The undergraduate program at *** aims to strike a balance between the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of Computer Science. This has given me a sound understanding of the fundamentals at both the theoretical as well as practical levels.
I have performed reasonably well in my undergraduate courses at ***, but since *** admits only the best students throughout the country, I believe, in view of the competitive atmosphere, that the grades secured should not be considered in an absolute sense.
During the course of the B.Tech. program I have developed a keen interest in the fields of Computer Graphics, Algorithms and Operating Systems. At present I am working under the guidance of Dr.yyy on my home paper titled {Physically Based Modeling}. As a junior, I had presented a seminar on {Associative–Commutative Matching and Unification}. I have included a brief summary of both these separately
Purpose of Doctoral Study and Career Goals
During the course of my education at ***, I have realized and felt convinced that my true liking and aptitude lies in research and teaching. Research and teaching go hand in hand. Teaching gives one a sense of constructive participation in the education Process. Research enables a person to stay in touch with the latest advances, while making one’s own contributions to the field. I have also had a good deal of teaching experience as an undergraduate teaching assistant during my junior year for the freshman course
{Computer Programming and Utilization}. I have included a brief description of this and relevant certificates to substantiate my claim.
I believe that graduate education is not merely a continuation of college studies. I think that graduate education is process, in which the student learns how to do independent research.
My decision to apply to UNIV is based on a careful examination of the department bulletin and the research interests of the faculty members. I have contacted PROF, who has encouraged me to apply. I would really love working under his guidance for my PhD’s believe that graduate education at your University will enhance my knowledge, give me wide exposure and develop my abilities to do independent research. I consider myself an enthusiastic and hardworking person, and I am sure that my stay your university will be a very fruitful one.

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